Cyclocross race of Legazpi

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Overexposed cycling photography

Sometimes y take the camera for work and sometimes for entertainment. When the reason is the second one y make whatever I want, play with the camera, experiment...

Last Friday there was a race near I live (Basque Country), so I went there to photograph this always spectacular cycling discipline.

I decided to overexpose the photos, preserving only the shadows, always thinking on a black and white final result. Very high key photographs or, as they would say the most scepticals, photographic mistakes.

You have a little sample of the result below; if you want to see all the images check the following link: ALL THE  PHOTOS.

legazpi 1
legazpi 2
legazpi 3
legazpi 4
legazpi 5
legazpi 6
legazpi 7
ion izagirre
legazpi 8
legazpi 9
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