Cycling photography in rainy days

04th September 2019 - The latest - Comments -

What I made with Iñaki wasn't a cycling photo shooting, as usual, but I followed his ordinary training session with my car, making stops in the places that interested me most.

They have asked me if I couldn´t choose another day, that in July had been many sunny days and I had to choose that one; if I don't check the weather prediction and stuff like this...

I perfectly knew that that day was going to rain, in fact, I expected more rain. I forgot the mith of "you should take photos in sunny days" a long time ago, it doesn't work this way. The image that I have in mind not always has a blue sky, but it can have a cloudy dramatic one typical in the Basque Country, like in this case.

I don't want to say that there are better or worse days to take photos, but differents, and you have to choose the one which adapts better to the photography that you have in mind. In my opinion not to take the camera in rainy days is lazy people's stuff; stuff of photographers who use the excuse of wetting the camera to stay at home, when in reality they are themselves who don't want to be wet and cold. The camera is ansioux to take a walk.

Cyclist: Iñaki Murua (Goierriko TB - Laboral Kutxa team)

rainy day cycling
cyclist Iñaki Murua
basque country cycling
Errezil Basque Country
cold and foggy day for cycling
Iñaki Murua
Basque Country road cycling
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